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As long as you bring your running shoes and – if you want - some water, we’ll pretty much have the rest covered.

If you wish the tour guide will take pictures for you at various sites along the route and send them to you afterwards, but please feel free to bring along your smartphones, go pros and cameras to capture your memories too. Since these are tours and not races, there will always be time for taking pictures.

Private Tours

All our tours are private tours and are ideal for both running one-on-one with your guide, or if you have a group of friends or colleagues that are travelling with you to Vienna. These are customizable to suit your pace, the distance you want to do and – if somewhere close to the route - we will pick you up at your hotel. The routes cover the main tourist sites around Vienna. If you’d like to see something in particular, please request this at booking point so that we can adapt the route to suit your needs. Within a short time you will learn to know your way around in the city. Private tours are ideal if you are travelling on your own or in small groups.

Corporate Service

A running tour is ideal as an early morning activity in connection with a conference or as a healthy team event for an organization. Sightrunning can be a very welcome interruption in a busy scheduled business environment and provide great networking value to the participants. As a cultural and teambuilding activity, running the city of Vienna is the perfect way to associate your company with health and progress.

Business Traveller Service

If you are in Vienna for work and you have only limited time. Don’t worry! Just bring your running shoes and we will pick you up at the hotel for an early morning or after work run.

We will show you around in Vienna on a tour that suits your running abilities. At the same time you can stay in shape and you do not have to figure out where the best and most interesting running tracks are.

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