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Hi! My name is Steff and I love to run!

Born in Southern Germany I moved to Vienna in my early 20s. First to study, but very soon later to take roots in all aspects of life in this wonderful city – education, work, love, culture, spare time and of course sports!

Even 15 years ago as a teenager I liked to run through the forests and nature at home, but Vienna, its surroundings and many running contests changed my approach to the sport even more. Since then it became a real passion of mine. Another one is travelling and whenever I am abroad I combine exploration, running and a light backpack. This is how the idea was born and now I am glad to merge all these things with my field of work and I like to share that with you.


The cultural heritage of the city is immense, even in the stone age there were already settlers in the area. Starting from there over all epochs like the Roman Empire, the Mediaeval Times, the Siege of Vienna, the Third Reich and the founding of the republic, the city of Vienna lived through some light and some darker times. The architecture and urban landscape remind you of all of these changes.

But there's also a young spirit and the city is full of life with trendy coffee shops, festivals and a growing startup-scene. Last but not least the river Danube, the Prater, the parks and classic cafes all shape the form of the capital.

So on one hand Vienna is this really big multicultural federal city, and at the same time it feels so regional, familiar and even easy to grab. The very best part: You can!

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Steffen Volkmer
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Running is a perfect way to explore the highlights and hidden secrets of the city - normally in the early mornings and just before or after sunrise. If you are here on holiday or on a business trip, don’t forget to bring your running shoes. Let us show you Vienna, to give you a good start of your trip.

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